Thursday, 1 June 2017



K-bars are really yummy.  My favorite flavor is pineapple.  I like the flavor pineapple because it's sweet and i can taste the sugary flavor so much.  K-bars are hard to chew because it is very hard.  I like to twist my K-bar to make it softer.  Also there is K-bar chocolate like the pineapple
Flavor.  Lime and raspberry.  And it's sweet like the regular k-bars but with cholet with the flavor in the inside.  The inside is slimey.  K-bars cost 50 cents each.  The first time I tried K-bars was yesterday. Once i finished teisting it I started to tear the packet and i took a soft bite it was soft and smooth just the way I like it. The packet was yellow and white.  It's easy to tear out the K-bar
My mum gave me 2$ dollars to spend so I got 3 K-bars and a random lolie.  My sister bought zombie chews.  If you're lucky enough you will get a soft K-bar.  The next day i got to try the lime
K-bar i tried that packet and started to chew the hardness.  It started to get softer and softer until I had to swallow it.  The lime K-bar is my less favorite K-bar ever.  The next day I tried the orange Kbar and it tasted like other orange flavored lollies.  I had to try that random lolie because it was going off date so I opened the packet and started to eat it once i finished eating  it I put the package in the bin.  It was yuck and I am never eating that random lol again.Image result for k-bar pineappleImage result for k-bar pineapple

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