Thursday, 1 June 2017



K-bars are really yummy.  My favorite flavor is pineapple.  I like the flavor pineapple because it's sweet and i can taste the sugary flavor so much.  K-bars are hard to chew because it is very hard.  I like to twist my K-bar to make it softer.  Also there is K-bar chocolate like the pineapple
Flavor.  Lime and raspberry.  And it's sweet like the regular k-bars but with cholet with the flavor in the inside.  The inside is slimey.  K-bars cost 50 cents each.  The first time I tried K-bars was yesterday. Once i finished teisting it I started to tear the packet and i took a soft bite it was soft and smooth just the way I like it. The packet was yellow and white.  It's easy to tear out the K-bar
My mum gave me 2$ dollars to spend so I got 3 K-bars and a random lolie.  My sister bought zombie chews.  If you're lucky enough you will get a soft K-bar.  The next day i got to try the lime
K-bar i tried that packet and started to chew the hardness.  It started to get softer and softer until I had to swallow it.  The lime K-bar is my less favorite K-bar ever.  The next day I tried the orange Kbar and it tasted like other orange flavored lollies.  I had to try that random lolie because it was going off date so I opened the packet and started to eat it once i finished eating  it I put the package in the bin.  It was yuck and I am never eating that random lol again.Image result for k-bar pineappleImage result for k-bar pineapple

Thursday, 16 February 2017

waikanae pools

waikanae pools

On thursday the whole of rangikura school went to waikanae pools
When we arrived at the pools we hopped off the bus and we went to into the main gateway.  After we went to the pools we went into the pools existed.  I wanted to go in the slide i went to go line up in a line to go into the slide.  When i sat down in the slide i pushed myself into the slide.
I was going down fast then suddenly it turned dark i couldn't see anything.  all i felt is sharp turns.  Once i got out of the slide i went to go play with my friends vallon kupa aiden and jaednyn.  We were playing with a dolphin  
Made out of foam and it was fun.  We heard whistles go off it was time for lunch i had a sandwich and a bar for lunch.  After lunch we got to go back into the pool.  We did dance splash in the pool.  It was fun and my friends had fun to. After we danced we went on this big and long rocket thing.
You have to run all the way to the end but when me and my friends is
Excited to go on.  I whent on first i almost made it to the end but i slipped off.
I fell back into the pool when i fell into the pool i waited for my friends they fell of to.  When they made it up we laughed happily all together.