Thursday, 13 October 2016

Patrick's Book Review

Title:Batman: The jiro kuwata
Author: jiro kuwata
Illustrator: jiro kuwata
Storyline(summary): The story was about Batman and Robin defeating Clayguy.
What i liked best:
. The big dinosaur because It was smashing into a big building
. The batmobile because It had nitro gas to make the car go faster!
. The cave because It looks cool
. The detail because there's lots of things like cars buildings and the characters
. The color because It's black and white like old comics
. The potion that turns you into clay it taste like clay and liquid.   
.The plane because It’s fast   
What i didn't like best:
the bit i didn't like was nothing because the book was awsome!

Favorite character: Batman and Robin

I recommend on getting this book because it's funny! To read.


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