Monday, 27 June 2016


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Matariki is a maori new year that the maori people celebrate.   Just before June.  They say if the star is bright and it's shining that means it's going to be a good year.  Matariki is the hottest stars.    people tell stories,play knucklebones, have a big feast and go fishing.   People will grow food for the end of the season.   Matariki is also called the 7 Pleiades.  People celebrate it different ways.  You can see it just before sunrise. Matariki is a time to remember loved ones.  It is a time to make new goals.  

In the maori days the maori people would celebrate by flying there mānu tukutuku.   In room 10 with my buddys we have been doing manu tuku tuku.   It took 2 days to weave it.  First we had to go collect some toitoi but first we had to do a Karakia because we are asking for toitoi.   Then we got back  to school and started weaving.  First we measured our toitoi.  Ours was  100 cm long.   We used raupo for the for the kite and wool.

At  Thursday night I had to say a speech  In front of the whole community  after that  went to go play around with my friends then done kapahaka.  1 min later I went to weave a manu tukutuku  so i garbd the equipment and went home and started it.   Some of the wool feel apart. But i had managed to finish it.  Mum gave me a hot milo well i was weaving my manu tukutuku with a biskit.   Once i had one my kight mum took a photo of it.  


  1. Wow Patrick! Just wow! I have learnt a few things about Matariki from your blog that I didn't know.
    I have been so proud of the hard work you have been doing in Ms Hills class. You keep earning those hot milos and the odd biscuit because why? Because like are a star!

    1. Thank you for the comment i appreciate that nice comment from patrick

  2. You are a star Patrick. I really enjoyed reading your work. I am also very proud of you for stepping up on Thursday night and showing true leadership. You did so well with such short notice. It takes alot of courage to speak in front of a hall full of people. If you continue to face such challenges you will reach great heights.

  3. Hi Patrick
    You writing has really improved. I am impressed with what you are writing. I'm so proud of you standing up in front of everyone and speaking. Keep up the good work.
    Mrs McGovern

  4. i like this long story about the manu tukutuku