Wednesday, 9 March 2016


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Hi my name is patrick today i'm going to tell you how to weave a box.

1 gather all your equipment
2 draw 10 strips of paper 30cm long and 1cm wide
3 cut out the 10 strip of paper.
4 place 5 strips of paper on the mat
Next to each over about 2cm.
5 grab a strip and weave it through
The strips on the mat.
6 redo step 5 using the 4 strips.
7 once step 6 is complete carefully
Push the strips closer together until
They meet.and the inside makes a square.
8 sellotape each corner to help keep the
Strips in place.
9 to make the sides of the box.fold the outside strips back over the base
To keep the sides straight fold the strips using the line of the base as your guide.
10 cut out 4 strps that are 24cm long and 1cm wide.
11 take one strip and fold it into 4 quarters to give it 4 corners.
12 with the same strip weave it through the 4 sides to keep it
13 sellotape each corner to keep the strip in place.
14 repeat step 12 and 13 for the 3 remaining strips.

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